September 8

Why Having a Property Coach Could Literally Save Your Life


It’s true.

You absolutely DON’T need a coach to invest in property.
You DON’T need to be held accountable for your actions.
You DON’T have to have a plan, you can just wing it.
You DON’T really have to manage your money or your finances to suceed.
You DON’T want to be inspired, its best that you live in hope.

In fact, having a Property Coach could be the worse thing you ever did.


Because it will do the exact opposite of the above and turn you around into become the person you always wanted to be but couldn’t find the way to get there.

Picture this.
Most people who start a property investment portfolio begin because they are unhappy.

  • Unhappy at work.
  • Unhappy with life.
  • Unhappy with what they are earning.
  • Unhappy with the relationship they are in.
  • Unhappy with their home.
  • Unhappy with their health.

And a whole bunch of other problems. But property investing seems to provide the answer.
Property investing can

  • Make you rich.
  • Give you time freedom.
  • Allows you choices.
  • Creates a financial security for you
  • Provides you with legacy options
  • Helps you escape a job.
  • Give you back your freedom

But most investors don’t go down this path.

They start down the path of competence and the problem with this is the sharp ascent to the top.

Because of this, many give up at the first hurdle.

You remember what it was like when you first discovered something for the first time; maybe a restaurant, a club, a book, a park, a holiday destination or a new way of doing things?

You were excited, you were giddy, you were happy because you’d discovered something different and something new, you couldn’t wait to tell other people about it. You were passionate about this and for a while the passion could drive you on. But then, when reality kicks in and you find yourself sitting at home again watching netflix, or down the pub for Friday drinks or dragged to the rugby match which turns into an all-night session or the kids need taking to 8 locations in one day with 13 changes of outfits –then all of a sudden, the excitement wanes, the dullness sets in and before you know it; you’re exhausted and you’ve put those things to one side.

Ask yourself this very simple question and be very honest.

How many books have you bought that if you read them could have made a massive difference in your life – but you CHOSE not to read them and instead add them to the self-help shelf in your library?

The number is for you alone but its important to acknowledge it as this is the major reason most people buy a new self help book every 18 months. And this is why learning alone is not the answer.

Its not even close.

The quickest, fastest and surest way of building a property portfolio is through

  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • Giving up things
  • Having a plan
  • And most importantly BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

This is where a Property Coach comes in as lets face it, no matter how sound your partner is, they are like you – a novice in the property investment arena or if you have some experience, probably at the same level as you.
A good property coach can help you

  • Plan
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Keep focused
  • Be held accountable
  • Grow faster
  • Save money
  • Create a bigger company faster
  • Become the property investor you wish to be

Check out our options today for how you can grab a free 30 minute strategy call to discuss how a property coach can help you build the property portfolio of your dreams.
Oh, and save your life at the same time 🙂


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Should I invest in property?

Should I invest in property?
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