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Best Books To Read In 2018?


Every year I read a TON of books.  And I mean a lot.

I’ve always loved reading and I believe the urban myth somewhere states ‘leaders are readers’ and certainly, I’ve always found that if I am stuck with a problem a book will often present with me numerous solutions.

Here's a selection from the numerous books I read in 2017 which I think will massively accelerate your success in business, sales, financial investments and health.

Recommendation #1

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

This book blew my mind when I read it.  I'd heard about Zappo's of course and their eventual purchase by Amazon but when I had some staffing issues last year, I took a deep dive into the world of co-working, company culture, team dynamics, hiring and firing, profiling and this book came flying out of the pack.

Wow - what a company first and foremost.

I knew when I was searching for books on building teams that one of the things that was highly important for me was creating the right culture

And Zappo's are renown for having one of the best team cultures in the business.

They do this through a set of 10 core values including

  • Deliver WOW through Service
  • Do More With Less
  • Create Fun and a Little Weirdness

But the thing that really glues this all together is the way the whole hiring process through to induction through to employee integration into the company is fully backed and driven by the company values.

Some crazy things at Zappo's 🙂

  1. they offer all new employees $3,000 to leave after the first 4 week induction.
  2. you have to pass the cultural test first before you even get quizzed on your specialist skills (50% of the interview process)
  3. every new employee spends at least three to four weeks in the call centre before they go to the department that hired them
  4. 10%-20% of every department's time is spent on employee team building activities
  5. you can tour their company headquarters and last year I organised a tour for a private mastermind of 50 people to tour their facility.  Awesome and Crazy are two words that come to mind.

The refreshing thing for me was that the book was easy to read; it tells the story of how Zappo's built their company and it also details how they built their core values and culture.

If you're serious about building a team and a culture, then get this today!  You'll pick up loads of ideas that you could implement right away.

Highly Recommended.  4 / 5 Stars


Head Strong by Dave Asprey

Wealth is nothing without health and this book will change the way you view light, food and drink, sleep and toxins.

In short, it's a life-bio-hack on how to perform better, work smarter and effectively think faster within a two week period.  Provided you follow the book's plan of course.

I'd heard a lot about 'bullet-proof coffee' which is what attracted me to Dave's book in the first place but what I was not expecting was the level of information, references and quotations from bona-fide genuine authoritative sources to back up his claims.

Because if you can claim that coffee can make your brain work smarter, you really do need to have tested this out in laboratory conditions.

Well guess what; they have.

But what I found more interesting was all of the other daily things that we take for granted that do impact us on a molecular and cellular level.  

Things such as the amount of mould in our food and how this affect our bodies; what do bright strip lights do to our brain and how does damp really affect the way we process information.

So for anybody that has any level of interest in how to become a better faster smarter version of themselves, I'd highly recommend you check this out.

Within 2 weeks, you could be a different man or woman!

Recommended For All Health Conscious and Life-Hackers Everywhere. 4 / 5 Stars


Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

I did debate putting this higher in my Top 5 but as you will see from the books that made the Top 3; all of them are world-class but for different reasons.

Tony's book is to all intents and purposes, a cut-down of his behemoth 'Money Master The Game' but easier to dip into and full of great advice.

The thing I always like about Tony's books are twofold

  1. you get step-by-step actions you can take
  2. Tony interviews world-class experts to get a unrivalled view on a subject

This means that when you read 'Unshakeable' you are already benefitting from the advice of people actually doing what Tony is interviewing them about - and have been mega-successful in their endeavours.

For this book, Tony interview 50 of the world's greatest financial minds and with the advice given in this book, makes it easy for anybody that has any interest of understanding how money works - and from that to achieve financial freedom.

Tony delves down into common mistakes most investors make, how to prepare for the financial maelstrom coming, how to avoid paying outrageous fees and charges on your investments and pension plan and then in the latter half of the book provides one of his playbooks on how to take these principles and distill them into every investment decision you make going forward.

I'll be honest, I'm a huge fan of Tony's but this book surprised me because of how easy it is to dig into - and in fact, I've given out dozens of copies of this to my mentees over the past year because I rate it that MUCH!

If you've not got it well here's a few more reasons why you need this book.

Once you understand how to make the right decisions, then you also need to understand how to navigate crashes and corrections in order to protect your financial freedom.  This is covered in detail with Tony wrapping up the book talking about psychology.

Now this may surprise you but when I attended 'Business Mastery' last year in Palm Beach, Florida, the entire first day was focused on psychology of business.


Because it's that important and pyschology is everything if you are going to succeed.

And by understanding the common mistakes investors make and how to avoid them, this allows you to build real wealth in the long term.

Includes a handy 22-page checklist on fortifying and protecting your wealth.

Highly Highly Recommended If You Wish To Build and Protect Your Wealth


Way Of The Wolf by Jordan Belford

I'm sure most people are aware of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' film and like him or loathe him for dubious business practices in the past which led him to being jailed, Jordan Belfort is one of the greatest living talents around who can show you how to persuade and influence people to buying a product or service.

The book is effectively a stripped down version of his popular online/live programme 'Straight Line Persuasion' and is a really easy read but filled with tons and tons of actionable content.

It's great for anybody who has to persuade anybody to buy something from them - so pretty much the entire world then!

What I liked about 'Way Of The Wolf' is how by sharing stories and case studies, it was easy to see how you could then implement it into your own business.

Now I've been selling for many years but even so, I was blown away by the amount of content that Jordan put into this book.

It's almost as good as being in the room live with him; there is that much information contained within the 248 pages.

Jordan describes the crucial 'first four seconds' and what happens if you get it wrong, how to use tonality and body language, the critical importance of state management and how to implement this all so it becomes seamless.

He then puts this into his 'ten rules for prospecting' and as I said earlier gives so much content, its rapidly becoming one of my go-to books every time I make a sales presentation of any kind!  In short:

if you are not getting enough sales, buy the book.

if you are skint or broke, buy the book.

if you want a new house or car or toy, buy the book.

if you want to crush your competitors, buy the book.

(if you've seen the film, you'll know why I just did that)



Traction by Gino Wickman

This book saved my life and my business too. When I had experienced significant issues in 2016 resulting in two members of staff leaving on the same day, I knew I had to change my entire business, team culture and how I managed my team.

The result after hours of searching was this BIBLE of how to really 'get a grip on your business'

The beautiful quality about this book is that it takes a dry subject and makes it absolutely compelling; so much so that you are itching to get going with your business make-over from day 1.

But hold on; as with all books it's best to take it as the author intended and whilst there are countless exercises and action items to do, I'd recommend holding off until Chapter 10 when everything is explained about how to 'get started'.

Effectively the book centres around the idea that every business needs a Entrepreneurial Operating System (R) and without this in place, a business will often lose money or even close.

The fundamental components of this model include:

  • Vision; what are the 8 questions you should ask and how is this then shared by the employees and stakeholders in your company
  • Data; how do you measure what you do through a scorecard
  • Process; what is documented can be followed, outsourced and delegated
  • Traction; you move forward by creating the big rocks (goals) and holding regular formulaic meeting
  • Issues; by reviewing these in a systematic way blockages are removed quicker
  • People: ensuring the right people are in the right seats

The book is fabulous because it's easy to start a business but what is difficult is scaling up.  And this book takes you through a process of starting to manage your team and yourself in a much more effective structured and accountable fashion.



Cracking The Property Code by Matthew Moody

Now as this is mainly a blog aimed at people wanting to build a property portfolio, I thought it only right to end with a book that whilst published a few years back was re-released last year in its 2017 Edition.

If you're after a book that really gets down to the business of creating a property empire, how to choose your strategy, how to create an organisation, how to construct systems and processes and how to manage your team; then there is no better book out there.

But don't just take my word for it; have a look at what the guys and gals from 'Your Property Network' the leading monthly property magazine said in their review:



If you are thinking about starting a property business, then do yourself a big favour and grab a copy.

If you're already in the 'property business' but not managed to extract yourself from day-to-day operations, you know what to do - grab yourself a copy.


So there concludes my top books that were published last year.

I'd heartily recommend you get one or two or even all of them and set out a plan to read them diligently step-by-step.

Here's a few suggestions as to how you may do that.

  • sales
  • management
  • finances
  • Building a business
  1. Way Of The Wolf
  2. Traction
  3. Delivering Happiness

All graphics are copyright of their respective owners.

Buy a book and let me know what you thought about it.

You're a V.I.P. baby; I appreciate your time here today!


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