The war of the HMO’s – and “Friends” really do happen

By Matthew Moody | HMOs

I was pleasantly surprised recently to come across a great article written by a guy who’s actually lived in a HMO, perhaps still does and was extolling the virtues of responsible HMO development and planning.

Normally most of the mail I get about HMO’s is negative and so I thought that I would share this piece with you and let the Badger make his point.

Coming out next week, the next vLOG – can’t wait to share with you all the news.

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Uuta October 27, 2015

I have a 1 broeodm flat (1 broeodm, 1 lounge, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom). The broeodm and lounge are large, so could both be rented out as good size rooms. Under the rules’, if I rented each room out to a single person, please confirm that this is fine and would not’ be an HMO .it’s effectivey 2 sharers? Is this correct please?Secondly, what if one room was rented to a couple? This would be 3 occupiers in total? .presumable now it’s an HMO? but what if that couple were married and therefore family/related? (or if 2 sisters for example)My final quastion, is about shared’ facilities. The broeodm has an en-suite, and is big enough to to add a kitchenette (thus effectively creating a studio / bedsit). The other room (formerly the lounge) then has exclusive’ use of the kitchen and the bathroom, so irrespective of the number of occupiers, there would be no shared facilities between the rooms, as each one is independent’. What would this be?Thank you very much,Jenny

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