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5 Ways to Source a 12K HMO

Discover the Easiest Way to Source Profitable, High-Income HMO's... and Get More Deals than Ever!

7 Killer Property Secrets

Learn The Shocking Truth Most Property Experts Don't Tell You...


Cracking The Property Code

Step-by-step 30-day plan to trans-form and launch your property business (or  re-launch it) to hit £100K in income. 350+ pages of insight, techniques, tips and covers over 44 different property strategies that could make you money! By following the plan, you will be able to build a successful property business in the next 12-36 months. 

Cashflow Secrets

You’ll learn how to have more time, make more money and secure your future.
This book encourages you to be pro-active and track your changes as you read.

The Truth about Property Investing

Debunks many of the myths around the property world and includes:
• The foolproof guide to leveraging your
time so you can do more and make more money.
• 3 strategies for ensuring your property
lets out for a premium rent.


HMO Masterclass

This is our 1-day masterclass where we teach business owners and investors how to create a HMO business. Utilising our 7 Profit Principles method, through
interactive exercises and case studies we illustrate how the attendee can start to build their own property business.
Numerous Dates Throughout the Year.  Message for Details or call 01604 630527

HMO Intensive

Our flag-ship 3 day intensive event.
This event takes people through an accredited 12 module programme designed to give them the skills to source, set-up and manage their first 5
Incredible feedback and amazing bonuses means that it is THE HMO
PROGRAMME for anybody serious about developing this strategy as a business Only Two Dates This Year.  Message for details or call 06104 630527


League of Extraordinary Investors

Launching soon is our very own membership site.
This will host all things related to Building a property portfolio and we
currently have 72+ topics planned for  the site. It will enable people to learn
at their own pace plus we'll be accrediting people through the platform
to gain better business skills and become a better property investor.

Coaching and Mentoring

Strategy Call

This is a 30 minute strategy call where a prospective client can have a 1-2-1 with Matthew to discuss their strategy, get advice on tactics and then decide whether they’d like to work with us or not.
Limited Strategy Calls available per month.  Book here


This is held via Skype/Phone over a 6, 9 or 12 month period.
We run Coaching for a minimum of 6 months as this is how long it takes to get momentum moving in the right direction with the first two months typically spent on set-up and systems.
Fortnightly calls up to 45 minutes each. Limited Spots Available.  Book here for a strategy call

100K Club Property Programme

This is our premier mastermind 12 month programme for serious property investors and business owners. With a cap of 12 business owners, this means more individual attention, more hot seats, more focus on your business and greater results.
The programme is extremely bespoke and includes everything you need to succeed.
Monthly Meetings with Monthly Handholding Calls.
12 Spots Only.  Book here for a strategy call

One-Off Mentoring Day

1-2-1 with Matthew at our Hub, London or your offices. Matthew spends the entire day to provide a personalised strategy, rework of systems, reviewing deals, sourcing and negotiating deals, giving advice on HMO refurbishment etc.
Typical outcomes:
1) personalised plan for next 12 months
2) set-up of basic systems to get started
3) review of areas and decision on gold-mine
4) initial sourcing of deals and review
5) set-up of business and go-forward plan.

Book here for a strategy call

Done For You

HMO Licence & Planning Application

We apply for your HMO licence or planning to convert your property from a C3 dwelling to a C4 HMO.
We complete all the forms, take all the measurements, liase with the council over any visits, collate all paperwork and manage the entire process. Due to our focus on this sector, we have a very high success rate on pushing these applications through.

HMO Portfolio Builder

Our premier product and highly demanded portfolio builder product.
We gain finance, source the property, project manage the refurbishment, set up the property, apply for planning and licensing, fill the property with tenants and then refinance monies back out.


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