Refurbishment REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Cash From Horrible Properties

“ Understanding how to break down a property and then put it back together is what separates the amateurs from the professionals and knowing this can be highly lucrative for any investor. ”

Sue Elkington

  • Refurbish what matters: learn a simple system for creating effective refurbishments that captivate and sell making you £35,000 or more profit!
  • Project manage your way to the top: how to make use of project management tools to find the optimal design and schedule for each refurbishment.

On this event you will learn:

The Basics

What will add value to a project and what to avoid.  How to structure your basic refurbishment for success.

Timescales and Planning

How to physically execute the refurbishment. Create an order of works.  Timescales and affect on your bottom line.

Practical, Step-by-Step Checklists

How to do the work before you view a property.  How to walk around a house and complete your works required checklist.

Unlock Your Properties Profits!

How to assess the profit from each deal.  What affects the bottom line.  Why others fail and how to avoid going over-budget.


Date: Saturday October 7th

Location: Northampton

Time: 9am for 10am Start Through 5.30pm

Group Size: Maximum of 30​

Workshop Style: Interactive Exercises, Case Studies and Presentations from Industry Experts​


Birmingham’s most prominent refurbishment expert

Born and raised on a council estate in South Birmingham she worked as a highly successful manager in the Civil Service for over 35 years.

Consequently she brings to the party not only experience of a competent refurbishment expert, but also that of a manager of manpower and budgetary constraint, with years of personal insight into officialdom and legislative language.

Having bought her first house in the 1970s for just £6250 she realised too late she had been sold a structural wreck.

She had no money and limited experience as an 18 year old, no access to builders or time to take stock, so she had no choice but to complete the task herself.

Sue Elkington

She rolled up her sleeves and learned the hard way, working evenings and weekends, attending college when she could to skill up and try and help herself become more adept at the hands on stuff.

Some 120+ refurbs later she retired from public duty and now focuses full time on her own portfolio whilst assisting others in their refurbishment endeavours, helping them to acquire skills to build lives supported by their property investments.  The last 4 years have been spent on back to back HMO conversions.

Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 after many years of phantom symptoms she continued to battle the effects of that illness along with gender prejudice from a male orientated industry who didn’t take seriously a woman with a limp, and still faces issues displayed by the industry which find her presence difficult to accept.

Today you can benefit from her years of experience and struggle to overcome all the issues she has faced, as she puts it over 40 years of tears shed and dried

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from her experience first -hand if you want to make money from HMO’s or just basic refurbishment, and learn from her mistakes.

As she says herself ‘you might as well learn from my mistakes. There are plenty left to make on your own without including mine’.


Founder of Wealth Success Alliance, Stanford Knights Letting and Your HMO Expert, Matthew has over 7 years of direct refurbishment experience under his belt; predominantly focusing on HMO conversions.  

With his teams in Northampton and Manchester; he's successfully project-managed over £5,000,000 in conversion projects since 2010 and currently has 8 builds in progress at any one time.

Matthew will be hosting the event and delivering a brand-new presentation on "HMO Conversions; The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly'; don't miss it!​

Matthew Moody


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The VIP Experience Baby

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VIP Q&A with Sue or Matthew (£197)

Review of 1 Deal by Sue​ (£497)

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Come along to the event, have a tea and coffee on us, sit down and experience the training and if for whatever reason you don't believe you have got huge value and learned tons of information, just tell us before lunchtime; and we'll give you a full refund no questions asked.

We've never had anybody request a refund but we include this on every event for your peace of mind.

This event will allow you to understand how to do a successful refurbishment and make upwards of £35,000 per deal you buy.

Grab your place today as we are limited to just 30 spots and once they are gone, they are gone!

to your wealth, health and success through property

Matthew Moody

Founder - Wealth Success Alliance​