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I Don’t Have a Coach, Do You?


Tiger Woods has three, Andy Murray has one, Bradley Wiggins has one as well. Now apart from being famous athletes and winning world titles or grand slams, what else do they have in common?

Sometimes being on your own, running your business can be a lonely place. So why does having a coach make so much difference? For the sports stars, it has become a necessity, bridging the gap between natural talent and targeted strategy for winning.

So why don’t I have a coach?

Actually I do. I have several, and I regularly sound ideas and talk strategy with them – It is nice to get a different viewpoint.

So what should you look for when selecting a Coach for your business?

Is age relevant? Do you just look up ‘Business Coach’ on LinkedIn and start connecting?

Yes ….. and No.

It is always a benefit to your network of connections if you connect with others, where you perceive a potential value to your network, but be selective. A good profile will say loads about their ability as a coach.

Do you just take the first one that says ‘Yes I can help you’, or do you delve a little deeper, by asking probing questions. Honestly, you need to do some homework, as generally coaches do not work for free, and this may be a significant amount of money, especially to a small business, so you need to make sure you ask the right questions.

Here are some of the ‘recommended’ questions that you can ask:-

What industries have you coached?
The thinking behind this, is that you want someone that has experience across multiple sectors and not just yours to give a wider view of business, although experience in your chosen sector is clearly an advantage here.

How will you work with my company?
You want to know the level of commitment from your coach. At the end of the day, you want to know that they will hold you (and to a certain extent some key members of staff) accountable for your actions, but in a guided way.

Does your coach ask good questions?
No, this is not a question from you to them, it is a thought process you should be considering when talking to them. If they show a genuine interest in your company and business, and possibly give a few nuggets of information for free, then you are heading down the right path.

There are several important things to consider when actively seeking out your target; Influence, Experience, Testimonials, Speciality, and they are all important, but in my experience of helping individuals whether in a business sense or not,

Simple questions, that should really get to the points you want to know. All other questions will stem from the answers to these.

What have your experiences been – please let me know…

If you want to find out if you are selecting the right coach, then please download my ‘3 Ways Coaching Will Change Your Mindset’  tip-sheet, with my compliments.


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