How to Survive Dragon's Den

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Hello Dragons,     My Name is    ........

Do you recognise these words?                  To some,  they are the scariest words you can speak because everyone knows that the questions will begin when you have finished. In this series of FOUR short videos we give you the insight into the do's and don'ts of making your pitch and how to best prepared. Mastering your pitch is the secret to all networking and will help your business grow faster. Watch all of the videos in the sequence by subscribing above and get yourself where you need to be to propel your business.

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    • Do you know what to say, and in what order?
    • Do you have the right information?
    • What is my Target Market?
    • Why Would a Dragon Invest in my Business?

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Video 2 : 

In this short video, we talk about the 'Pitch'. What you need to include and how you get the attention of the listener.

Video 3 : 

Now we talk about your marketing. Do you know your BBC? Have you got a grip on Social Media?  Can you measure up?

Video 4 : 

The final video, we talk about your WIIFM. Why is WIIFM so important? What is WIIFY?