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Now You Can Build a HMO Property Business

Using Industry Benchmarks and Best Practice

Join the HMO Intensive Programme and you will:

  • Be guided through a modular certification programme that exceeds industry standards.
  • Fast-tracks your application for a credit line  with a major bank of £1.5-2.5 million
  • Allows you to get going right away, but with our full support and backing. 

Most HMO Property Investors Have Great Cashflow, But They Don't Have a Business ...

The HMO Intensive Programme has been specifically designed to solve a very real problem for property investors.

Lenders, councils and the general public do not trust landlords and the journey to build a property business has become substantially tougher​.

More so than at any time in the history of the Private Rental Sector (the industry all property investors work in); the little landlord; the entrepreneur property investors; the family-run business - you are under attack from the very people who are deigned to protect you - the Government.

That's why it is so important that we come together through the right type of training and work in collaboration with the authorities and lenders and suppliers in the sector.

If you have been struggling to:-

  • raise finance for your property purchases
  • find the right properties that work
  • gain a licence or planning approval from a council
  • keep your HMO's at peak occupancy and generating profits
  • find the time to focus on building your business
  • plan out your financial life and families future with the background of multiple tax changes

Let me reassure you - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In fact most property investors you meet at your local networking meet or online on a forum are in the same boat; but they are sticking their heads in the sand and refusing to do anything about it!

So rather than throwing your hands up in the air and getting stressed - why not take deliberate constructive action and meet these problems head on?

“I'm firmly of the opinion having spoken to and trained thousands of property investors over the last ten years; that a sea-change is upon us; and only those who embrace the new ways of working will succeed"

Hence why I put together the "HMO Intensive Programme".

So good hard-working investors just like you can begin to build a property business - secure that you are building it the right way and with the right ​systems and team in place.

By joining the HMO Intensive Programme you’ll get the following benefits:


This is an 12-part modular programme.  By taking part and passing each module, you will gain a Certificate in HMO Investing.

Credit Line

We will introduce you to a major lender who will offer a credit line of £1.5-£2.5 million to qualified investors who pass the Accreditation.


Investing in property can be a lonely game. We support all of our clients through on-going support programmes.

inspirational course...
- Pam Chardi (London)

The HMO intensive Programme is the first Accredited Programme in the Property Industry  That Offers You Access To a Credit Line

"The HMO Market Has The Highest Growth Rate in The Property Industry"

Over the last ten years, there has been a great surge in the private rental sector.

The problem is; most investors make next to nothing on their investments.  In fact, most investors lose money every month from their properties!​

That's where we come in.

Our founder, Matthew Moody has been ​investing in property since 2003 and what he found is that he could double, triple and sometime even quadruple his profit by investing in H.M.O's.

So what are H.M.O's?​

A H.M.O. is defined as a House of Multiple Occupancy; for the normal folk that means its a house-share or multi-let.​

What this means is we make our money by taking a property (3 bed+) and converting it so that we then rent out the property by the room to young professionals, key workers or students.​

The problem is; this sector is highly highly regulated and because of this, a lot of amateur landlords fall foul of the law and end up getting fined tens of thousands of dollars.

Our mission is to ensure that every property investor and landlord that wants to invest in a HMO does it safely, ethically and profitably.​

The HMO Intensive Programme Modules

Module 1-2 Introduction and HMO Markets

"Understand the market and you will be able to build a solid profitable HMO business."

We take you through the development of the buy-to-let market and show you how the economic concepts impact your HMO business.  We then describe the multiple HMO markets and how locations affect your rental profits together with how to predict growth.

Modules 3-4 Market Research & Property Types

In these two modules we show you how to ensure that you are buying in the right location and buying the right type of property

  • how to use latent demand techniques to accurately predict HMO portfolio trends and future demand
  • interpreting the local market and how to accurately review properties on sale and make the right decision to buy

Module 5-6 Financing and Marketing

In the first module, a certified broker takes you through how to accurately finance and structure a property deal that works.

In the second module, we'll show how to use the power of marketing to generate leads on demand, which channels to use and how to make your brand jump out from your competition.

Modules 7-8 House Dressing and Client Acquisition

It's important to ensure that your house looks the best.  The House Dressing module illustrates how to set your house up to attract your ideal client together with the exact costing structure to build.

Client Acquisition is all about how to qualify your clients, take them around the property on a show round and close them to become a paying tenant.

We also cover how to correctly reference and move your tenant in.

Modules 9-10 Systems and Regulations

In the Systems module, we cover how to start automating everyday tasks through the creation of bespoke systems and processes.

In the Regulations module, we cover the many laws and rules that affect the industry; how to interpret them and how to execute them in a valid and correct format.

Module 11-12 Business Organization and Future Vision

"It's not enough to create a business; you need to create a vision that takes you to the future ."

The final modules take you into the realms of creating a business organization and plan to take your business to the next level.

By hiring the right people into the right roles, you then move your business from sole-owner to business owner​ - but by creating a vision you then allow your company to flourish for the future.

"If you're looking to gain knowledge in HMO, Your HMO Expert is the one!"

Excellent weekend.  I'm going to let all my friends in business and property know.  You've gotta attend this if you are serious about HMO's.

- Peter Su (London)

"Excellent Programme"

Intense 3 days and learnt a lot about HMOs. Can't wait to put the knowledge I have gained into practice.  Would recommend to others interested in HMO - 

- Kash Dhesi (It Consultant)

"Want Success?  Take Action!"

Attend the course & then GO DO IT!

- Richard Alderson (Inner Circle Member, Manchester)

What You’ll Get...

HMO Intensive Programme with Fast Track Access to a Bank Credit Line

"This is a complete modular programme designed to give you the correct information that you need to build a profitable HMO property business"

The 12 Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. HMO Markets: Prices and Market Segmentation
  3. Market Research: Demand and Supply Algorithms
  4. Property Types: Research and Sourcing
  5. Financing and Structuring Your Property Deal
  6. Marketing: Creating Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Sales
  7. House Dressing: Preparing Your Property For Tenants
  8. Client Acquisition: From Viewing to Living in Your Property
  9. Business Growth: Creating Systems to Manage Your Business
  10. Rules, Regulations and Standards
  11. Business Organization: People and Profiling
  12. Future Vision: Planning and Creating Your Future Business

Take advantage of this brand new fully accredited programme and be fast-tracked for a million pound credit line.  LIMITED to first 25 applicants.

Register Now for the "Intensive Programme" 

To gain accreditation on the 12 modules plus fast track access to a million pound credit line, please register below.

Introductory Price for Next 10 Students reduced from £3500 to £1500 + VAT

Friday 9th November – Sunday 11th November 2018

Head Office, Northampton

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

"Matthew is the guy"

"I've known Matthew (lead trainer for Your HMO Expert) for many years and what I like about him is this.  Because he's bought and built up a large HMO portfolio; he's got the experience to guide you through the maze and ensure you are doing the right things!

Matthew is methodical, detailed and knows his figures inside out.

I don't work with many people in the property space but when I need help with HMO's, Matthew's the first person I call.  If you want to learn how to build a profitable HMO business, he is the guy!  Grab sometime with him - you won't regret it.

- Vincent Wong (Founder - Wealth Dragons)

Limited Student Spaces Available: This Programme is for Serious Property Investors or Business Owners Who Want Credit Lines

If you're like most of our clients, you have three problems.

You don't have the time

You don't have the money

You don't know if its right for you

Let's just address these issues right now.

TIME: We all have the same amount of time; it's what we choose to do with our time that either takes us towards or away from our goal.  

Three days is a long time to take out of your business.  But consider this.

If you say you haven't got the time; really you are saying that you have the time but you are choosing to spend it elsewhere.  Whether that's wasting time on facebook or television or whatever else it is - you are making a choice.​

What if you decided to play full out for three days, gain accreditation and access to a £1.5-£2.5 million pound credit line - would this not be worth 3 days of your time?

MONEY: If you're struggling right now just to put food on the table and to pay your rent or mortgage.  Please do not come to this event.  Instead we can recommend various free or low cost resources that can get you started.

But if you are earning good money - either from your job or business - and you have some money to invest - then you should consider this.

Every property you buy has the potential to grow over the next 25 years by roughly 5.9% per annum.  This means that the average property in the UK at £216,750.

Let's say you buy just ONE from attending our HMO Intensive Programme.

You'd make capital gains of £691,819.  And that doesn't even include the 25 years of rental profit!

IS IT RIGHT FOR ME?  Or more importantly - I don't want to make a decision right now so I will put off making this decision.

Let's just say you have actually read this far.  You've read what the modules are about.  You want to develop a business using the power of HMO's.  What more do you need?

We've basically taken away ALL of the worry for you by including a 30 days money back guarantee.  So this means, you can come to the event, spend the entire 3 days with us and you have 30 days to decide whether you experienced amazing value - and remember you will be accredited at the end of this (providing you make the pass mark) and will be fast tracked for a million pound credit line.

So again we ask you - is it right for you? ​We cannot make this decision for you but you can ring us and chat through any questions you have - just call the office on 01604 422 355.

But make a decision - its either a  resounding YES or a polite No.   ​

We have limited seats for the HMO Intensive Programme as we have to ensure our students have the appropriate focus and support during the class.  

If you decide to leave it a day or two, we cannot guarantee that your place will still be available as we are opening up this brand-new accreditation programme to over 150,000 property investors and business owners.  

ONE FINAL POINT:  When we talk to property investors, there are three reasons why they cannot get started.

The number reason is always FINANCE.

We've taken away this issue for you by guaranteeing everybody that passes the HMO Intensive Programme is fast-tracked for access to a credit line (qualifying investors only); so that you do not have to worry about this but rather focus on building your business.  


1. Deal Analyser - £1000

It's essential you analyse each deal to check does it work, will you make money and should you buy it. Included is 8 of our favourite analysers for HMO, BTL, Refurb, Commercial and more!

2. Full Set of Property Documentation - £497

We brought together over 70 forms, letters and process flows that you can pop straight into your business including and up to date tenancy agreement for HMOs. You won't need any more documents if you have this!

3. Time management system - £1000

If you're like most of our clients, you have 3 problems:

  • you don't have the time
  • you don't have the money
  • you don't know if it's right for you

We all have the same amount of time; it's what we choose to do with our time that either takes us towards or away from our goal.

This is why the time management system is designed to help you prioritise and make the most out of your time!

4. Credit Line - £5000

We are partner of a major lender who will offer a credit line of £1.5-£2.5 million to qualified investors who pass the Accreditation.

5. 2 Group Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) - £1000

This gift is specially designed for our clients because we know that, after every coaching or mentoring programme, 90% of the people who attended will not take action. So we want YOU to be part of that 10% who do take action and make a change in your life!

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • 3 Days Training on Building a HMO Property Business
  • Accredited Programme
  • Access to Million Pound Credit Line
  • Power Networking

HMO Intensive Programme for just:

£3500 + VAT

Special price for the next 10 students is £1500 + VAT

9th-11th November 2018

Head Office, Northampton


1. Deal Analyser - £1000

2. Full Set of Property Documentation - £497

3. Time management system - £1000

4. Credit Line - £5000

5. 2 Group Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) - £1000

Register Now for the "HMO Intensive Programme"

To gain accreditation on the 12 modules plus fast track access to a million pound credit line, please register below.

Introductory Price for First 25 Students is reduced from £3500 to £1500 + VAT

Friday 9th November - Sunday 11th November 2018

Head Office, Northampton

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy about the course content and cannot implement the strategies we teach you, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"In the last ten years of training students on how to invest safely and ethically in HMO's, we have yet to refund a student.  That's why we are so confident that you will love the "HMO Intensive Programme" and we invite you to join us on November 9th-11th 2018 at our Head Office, Northampton


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When is the event and what are the timings?

Where will the event be held?

If I change my mind and cannot attend, can I get a refund?

Can everybody access the credit line?

What is the Programme and Topic?

This isn't one of these pitch fest is it?

Who is accrediting the programme?

What happens if I cannot make the date?