The HMO Modular Programme has been specifically designed to solve a very real problem for property investors.

Lenders, councils and the general public do not trust landlords and the journey to build a property business has become substantially tougher.

Our 3 days HMO Intensive programme has been highly successful, however, considering people's reviews, we understood that some people would rather take the modules separately, as it would be more convenient for them when it comes to timings.

This is why we have decided to split the course into 6 BIG DATES, each of them consisting in 2 HMO Intensive modules.

If you want to be accredited at the end of the programme, you need to attend all the modules, because there will be a test at the end of the 12 modules.

Module 5 (Finance & Deal Analysing) & Module 6 (Mesmerising Marketing Map) Saturday August 4th Northampton

Ever wondered why the deals you looked at didn't make money?

Concerned about buying a deal and ending up with a dog?

Want to know how you can recycle cash multiple times in order to benefit from high leverage and low money left in?

Our Finance & Deal Analyser Module 5 (from the 12 Modular HMO Accreditation Programme) shows you exactly how to answers these questions and more.


  • how to present yourself to the bank in the best possible light
  • understanding credit scoring and profiling
  • the different types of mortgages available
  • how to utilise commercial credit lines to leverage your cash and time
  • deal analysing like a pro

Now once you've found a deal, you know need to know how to market it - because if nobody knows about it, nobody can rent it.

Module 6 (Mesmirising Marketing Map) focuses on how to build your HMO business the right way through a deep focus on marketing.

We cover:

  • the best ways to get heard right now online (and its not what you think)
  • how to utilise a template to create stunning videos that get click through rates of over 10%
  • the best and cheap ways to get traction off-line
  • how to write an advert that converts
  • why the best thing you can do is narrow down and focus
  • understand qualifying criteria and how to weed out time wasters

And dozens more tactics.

Both classes in themselves are masterclasses but now you can attend and improve your HMO business today.

HMO Intensive - 3 days Programme
19th-22nd November, Waldorf, London

"This is a complete modular programme designed to give you the correct information that you need to build a profitable HMO property business"

Full Programme details can be found here

The 12 Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. HMO Markets: Prices and Market Segmentation
  3. Market Research: Demand and Supply Algorithms
  4. Property Types: Research and Sourcing
  5. Financing and Structuring Your Property Deal
  6. Marketing: Creating Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Sales
  7. House Dressing: Preparing Your Property For Tenants
  8. Client Acquisition: From Viewing to Living in Your Property
  9. Business Growth: Creating Systems to Manage Your Business
  10. Rules, Regulations and Standards
  11. Business Organization: People and Profiling
  12. Future Vision: Planning and Creating Your Future Business


1. Deal Analyser - £1000

It's essential you analyse each deal to check does it work, will you make money and should you buy it. Included is 8 of our favourite analysers for HMO, BTL, Refurb, Commercial and more!

2. Full Set of Property Documentation - £497

We brought together over 70 forms, letters and process flows that you can pop straight into your business including and up to date tenancy agreement for HMOs. You won't need any more documents if you have this!

3. Time management system - £1000

If you're like most of our clients, you have 3 problems:

  • you don't have the time
  • you don't have the money
  • you don't know if it's right for you

We all have the same amount of time; it's what we choose to do with our time that either takes us towards or away from our goal.

This is why the time management system is designed to help you prioritise and make the most out of your time!

4. Credit Line - £5000

We are partner of a major lender who will offer a credit line of £1.5-£2.5 million to qualified investors who pass the Accreditation.

5. 2 Group Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) - £1000

This gift is specially designed for our clients because we know that, after every coaching or mentoring programme, 90% of the people who attended will not take action. So we want YOU to be part of that 10% who do take action and make a change in your life!