Cracking The Property Code

Introducing the only book you'll ever need in property!

Bold claims I know!

But the reason I know that this book will change your life even by 10% are the following facts... 

  • it's not because of 324 paid-for amazon reviews (I have 2 or 3 at last count)
  • it's not the fact that my book wasn't an Amazon best-seller (although I have over the years since first publishing it sold many many thousands of copies)
  • it's not because its endorsed by a celebrity legend I didn't pay £50,000 to write a wee something for me
  • it's not because it has a big smiling picture of me on the front cover with my sports car or private jet or big house (I do have a 4 year old mercedes-benz though if this counts?!)
  • it's not because I have a million social media fans that I absolutely 100% did not buy from a fan-harvesting machine... (I do have a small following on social media though which varies between 1,500 to 15,000 people who seem to like what I say)
  • it's not a mushy set of 'stories' (which can be interesting don't get me wrong) that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling but end up telling you absolutely nothing!

No, the real reasons are much better than that.

It's because 

  • This book actually details WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT in simple and easy to follow language - in fact STEP by STEP!
  • If you're new to property, then this book will guide you through every single one of the 45 (yes 45!) different property strategies you could do and then get you to choose the ones which are best suited to you, your budget and your experience (what no hard sales pitch to something completely inappropriate that you could only do if you have half a million in cash and 10 years experience - no way thats not what you'll find here)
  • If you're already in property but not quite where you want to be, then you probably already know your strategy but we'll revisit it anyway (just to make sure) then we'll get on with the serious business of building your property empire through specific exercises on marketing, sales, operations, finance, customer service and more! (yup its all here)
  • Your Property Network completely unsolicited (yes no money exchanged hands) said my book was '350+ pages of the best pages you will ever read in property' which was kinda nice of them
  • Everybody whether new to property or a seasoned professional occasionally loses the way due to getting embroiled in your business; this book takes you back out of your business and gets you back into it firing all the way to success (well we hope you do know I cannot and will not guarantee that though right - thats up to you my friend!)
  • Those of you who don't have enough time - will have MORE than enough time by the end of this scintillating read because I give you the keys to the time-management kingdom and you will save at least 5-8 hours per week guaranteed

Join me on a 30 day journey whilst we build your property empire

I share my real life successes and failures in the property world to show you how to make more and spend less time ‘working’.

Let's discover how to crack the property code and create a profitable business in property for you and your family!

In this fully revised edition, you will learn:

  • how to create a plan that resonates with your inner self and drives you to succeed
  • how to get more done in less time and be 90% more productive than your peers
  • the 45 strategies that will make you a ton of money in property
  • the five key attributes for building a successful business
  • the one strategy that will place you in the flow of your business – not IN your business

Matthew Moody

Matthew grew up in Yorkshire and read Theology at Oxford.  He entered the business analysis and pricing field and in his last role headed up RCI's Revenue Management function.  He started investing in 2003 and built a multi-million pound HMO property portfolio using strategies including R2R, Lease Options and Refurbishment.  Over the last 16 years, he's been at the forefront of HMO education,  investment and lobbying the government on our behalf nationally.  He's founded, bought and sold companies and brings this knowledge to 'Cracking The Property Code'

Matthew Moody Founder Your HMO Expert

It's Not Just A Book; This Is A Reference Tome...

Want even more reasons why you'd be utterly daft not to buy this legend and add it to your collection of shelf-help (oops sorry I meant your library)?

Here's two more reasons.

1.  Read the full 'Your Property Network' magazine review just over there on the right.

Yep, I told you it were that good lads and lassies.

OK, you want more?
2.  Check out the paltry few amazon reviews I managed to get too!

That other site don't buy from here you WILL not get any bonuses!

Phew, right now we are done with that, why not keep scrolling to find out how I'm going to ethically bribe you to buy one of the few remaining copies left of 'Cracking The Property Code'.

How You Can Get Your Hands On One Of The Last Lovely Copies Left Of This Property Reference Book (Before It Goes Out Of Print For Ever)

I'm going to be writing a new book shortly on a new property project but this book is still the reference tome I refer to when I'm building a new business BUT I have only a small number of these books available (the exact number will appear below and will be regularly updated).

Because I'm feeling marvellously generous, you get to massively benefit!  Watch the video to find out more.


Cracking the Property Code book

(Option 1) 



£20 £8




  • The full 350+ page text
  • 30 day programme contained within the book
  • 45 property strategies detailed
  • Set up your operations, marketing, finance, sales and systems
  • Never before offered at this price

The book + workbook + 30 day audio programme + toolkit


199 £49



  • Everything included with Premium offer
  • Brand-new 30 Day Audio Programme with Matthew (never before released)
  • Access to League property forum
  • HMO Optimisation Toolkit (50+ tips, tricks and strategies to boost your property cashflow)

This splendiferous offer will only last so long; so don't delay as this page may not be here next time you check back in...

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