By Matthew Moody | Property Resources

Here are some of the brokers I use on a regular basis:-

Justin  Barton, b3 Partnership 0870 446 2300 – specialist in LTB, BTL and creative financing

Martyn Roberts, Midcheshire Mortgages 01928 724494 – all-round specialist

Warren Morris, The Mortgage Store 01908 867577 – BMV specialist

David Pratley, The Money Centre 01494 895117 – BMV specialist

Both the Mortgage Store and the Money Centre have links with financial institutes who can offer no money down financing.

Please mention my name when calling – I don’t get a commission but its always helpful when I speak to my brokers to know if anybody has called  – means I get even BETTER service!

How Can You Tell If A Property Can Be Used As a HMO? (Part 2)

By Matthew Moody | Property Investing

So, you’ve found a property which is near town, near some local facilities, has some element of off-road parking and looks fairly attractive from the outside.  So, you can now buy it?  Right?  Wrong…

What you need to do now is a thorough evaluation of the inside and the more you do, the quicker it will get for you.

Its not as easy as finding the property in the right area, you now need to find the right property.  And this can sometimes be very tricky – in fact, I would go so far as to say that I reject 4 out of 5 properties I look at because they do not meet my criteria.

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Is being a book-worm good or bad?

By Matthew Moody | Property Resources

I read may’be 4-6 books a month on a variety of different topics.

These topics range from property investing, biographies, business, marketing, sales, design and some fiction too (well you’ve got to have a break sometime haven’t you?).

I think that continual learning is really important and by reading books rather than watching television (although sadly I subscribe to that evil beast as well most night after 9.30pm), you can keep your mind occupied and the little grey matter might last a wee bit longer.

So, I’ve decided to share my books with you (if you don’t mind) so that if you’re feeling at a loose end one day and want a good read, something inspiring, something challenging, then you can cast an eye over my selection of oddities, choose one and know that at least you’ll be reading something that you may get some value out of (ie do most celebrities have much of value to tell us in their biographies?).

I will try and do a book review that always gives you pointers on content, ideas, writing style and value for money.  That together with my comments should give you a good idea of whether its worth pursuing or not.

My top tip of the day for book reading is this:-

JOIN YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY – its possibly one of the best investments you will ever ever make.


  • its free (and not a lot in life is anymore)
  • its quiet so you can focus, relax (alas not with a cappucino but hey…) and concentrate
  • they have tons of great books both old and new to choose from
  • you can normally get 10 out at a time (and I always have the full 10 – why wouldn’t you?)
  • you can order books in (practically any book) for about 50 pence
  • you can generally take and return books to any library in the county
  • you normally have at least 30 libraries of differing sizes in your locality to choose from
  • even the smallest library will probably have 50 books that will be of interest to you – thats a good years reading right?

So, get yourself down to your local library today and join up – you won’t regret it.

What does a starbucks latte, HMV and networking have in common?

By Matthew Moody | Property Resources

Experiences are an interesting concept and I’ve partaken in three recently that all differed enormously.

I’m sitting sipping a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte (indulgent I know but its my treat for the day) at the home of phenomenal experiences Starbucks.

Everything about the Starbucks ethos, promise, atmosphere, staff and products wants me to come back again and again.  If I need a coffee when I’m in a new town, Starbucks will always be my first choice because they have mastered the experience of drinking a cup of coffee whilst relaxing on a comfortable sofa or working on your laptop at a table.  I’m not actually sipping coffee; I’m taking part in a lifestyle experience which appeals to where I am right now in my life and no matter where I go its always the same.

Contrast this to my experience of a long-established British record superstore; HMV and you couldn’t get two experiences more far apart.

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Show Me The Money

By Matthew Moody | Property Investing

Its a classic line and one I refer to a lot – and I love the movie too (for more information, you’ll just have to sign up to my exclusive ££99 value ecourse).

So what does it all mean?

Well, for most people in business cash is king.  Without cash, you can’t pay your bills, you can’t invest in your business, you can’t save money for emergencies, you can’t pay yourself!

Yet, many property investors struggle along from month to month losing money hand over fist whilst trying to get the next cashback deal which even then just gives them another debt to worry about – with no real regular cashflow to show for it.

How do you get out of the vicious circle once you’re in it?  Well, its hard but you need to start by focusing on revenue-earning opportunities and ways to improve your cashflow.

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Ask Matthew Your Property Questions

By Matthew Moody | Ask Matthew

Yes folks, here’s the section where you can ask me questions on any property-related topics that you just can’t find the answer for.

I’ll try my best to answer as many as I can; I may sometimes refer you elsewhere but I will endeavour to make sure that we get all of your questions answered.

So, keep them coming and I look forward to helping you with your property exploits.

HMO Regulations

By Matthew Moody | HMO Regulations

In 2005, significant changes were made to the Housing Act which meant that Houses in Multiple Occupancy came under additional legislation and scrutiny. 

This was to protect the people staying in HMO’s whilst ensuring that standards were nationalized and brought up to a decent and safe standard.

Generally speaking, all properties where there are more than 2 people sharing who are unrelated is classified as a HMO.  However, what this means in practice is that HMO’s need to meet national standards of rental accommodation.

None of this is too onerous and is general commonsense.Read More

Making Massive Cashflow From Property

By Matthew Moody | Property Investing

Investing is all about making a return on your money. 

Typical yields in the property market tend to be 3%-5% in the current climate for a single let.  This means that if you are paying interest on a loan of 5% plus, then you’ll be losing money if you’re heavily geared (i.e. your loan to the value of your property is more than 80%). 

With HMOs, yields are 8%-12% for a similar property based on the number of rooms.

 This means a good positive monthly cashflow can be enjoyed and you can truly run a business that brings in cash every month.Read More

Investing in HMO’s

By Matthew Moody | HMOs

The current property market is tough and cashflow is tight.

With general rises in interest rates and rents still static in many parts of the country, the majority of landlords letting to individuals (single lets) are either just breaking even or in the majority of cases subsidising the property. 

By investing in HMO’s, you are investing into a business system that can provide you and your families with a strategy that mitigates your risk, provides you with massive passive cashflow and allows you to add value to your properties.

Whether you are a first-time landlord or a seasoned player with many properties, I would always encourage everybody to have a HMO strategy within their business model.Read More